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"They are easy to install on most fireplaces!" Mantel I (Traditional)

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Welcome to our Decorative Custom Mantels site! Elite Construction of Jax, Inc. was founded in 1993 by David Furukawa. Over the years, we have built many decorative custom mantels. Often, by the time the trim carpenter arrives to build a mantel, we've found that the walls are already framed, the drywall is finished, and the firebox is affixed to the framing. Unfortunately, the remaining spacde doesn't accomodate 8-10 inches of non-combustible surface, a minimum of 5 1/2-inch leg, and 4 inches of crown cantilever on the mantel. Therefore, something must be sacrificed, and this leaves the end product typically out of proportion.

By creating five masterpiece mantels to chose from, as well as the dimensions of said mantels, the desired proportions can be predetermined to ensure a quality mantel. Our mantel styles are mediterranean mantels, traditional mantels, contemporary mantels, and craftsman mantels. These are all in stock and available for delivery. Your carpenter can install the mantel themselves, or we will deliver and install within a matter of days to local customers. Please call David Furukawa Contact Information. or E-mail David Furukawa

Traditional Mantel

Mantel I Plan

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